Focus on Melrose 1: Blazing Our Own Path

Today, we are starting a new series of blog posts titled “Focus on Melrose.” I hope these will help all citizens better understand City operations and the issues we face as a community. We will use my State of the City address as a starting point, but I hope to bring in more information and more voices to give you a fuller picture of our City. We will present a different aspect every Thursday.

After I was elected Mayor, in 2001, I sat with my transition team and we tried to map out some general principles of government that would be the framework for my administration. At the time, some of these were obvious and others were not so obvious. 16 years later, they still hold true, and I always begin my Inaugural and State of the City addresses with a statement of these principles.

  • Assemble the best management team;
  • Manage costs, manage debt, and always stay ahead of a potential crisis;
  • Ensure equal access to resources and opportunities;
  • Strive always to bring depth and meaning to the slogan “Melrose: One community open to all”;
  • Embrace transportation planning that accommodates a mix of modes, including auto, rail, bike, and pedestrian;
  • Promote a citywide agenda that always puts public education at the forefront;
  • Continue to invest in the maintenance and enhancement of our city’s infrastructure and technology;
  • Create a vibrant economic climate that attracts and supports a wide diversity of businesses, cultural, historical, and recreational opportunities in every part of the city;
  • Promote balanced and responsible suburban design and planning, and protect our city’s environmental greenbelt;
  • And most important, promote and involve an active citizenry that works in partnership with a responsive government to manage this City in a thoughtful, honest, and accountable manner.

To kick this off, here are a few images from the past year that illustrate how we carry out these principles in everyday life.

The facade of the proposed new building at 530 Main St.
Melrose students are studying music and writing a symphony with composer Robert Bradshaw
Melrose High School students and senior citizens enjoy dining and dancing together at the Spring Fling
A yoga group at the Healthy and Sustainable Melrose fair
Mayor Dolan discusses state and local issues with Speaker of the House Robert De Leo
A map showing locations of new LED streetlights
Transit-oriented development near Oak Grove
The new Learning Commons at Melrose High School
The new parking area at Kimball Court
Operation Respect students are recognized for their work raising funds for the veterans’ trip to the Washington, DC, memorials
Mayor Dolan swears in the first members of the new Melrose Commission on Women
A member of the iRaiders robotics team works on his project
Teeing off at the library mini-golf fund-raiser


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