Help Keep Our Parks Clean!

This week I got a letter from a Winthrop School student who helped clean up the Melrose Common on Earth Day. She told me it made her sad to see that people were not picking up their water bottles and other items after their events, and she thinks we can do better.

I went to the Common to see for myself. There are plenty of barrels and recycling containers there, but it’s important that everyone remember to use them. So I am asking for your help: Please take responsibility for yourself and your group. If you are using the park, please put your wrappers, bottles, etc., in the barrels and recycling containers, and before you leave, please check around you and clean up anything that you might have left behind.

When I speak to students, I tell them to treat the parks as if they were our own yard—because they are. The Melrose community is our extended family and the parks are a part of our home. They are here for all of us to use and enjoy, but we must also take care of them. Please treat our parks with respect and keep them clean for all of us.

I want to thank the seven-year-old girl who wrote to me for her concern about this issue, and for taking action both by cleaning the park with her parents and by writing to me about it. I know that her actions will make a difference.


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