Winthrop School Students Ask Winning Questions

Congratulations to Emma St. Arnaud and Emma Drago, both students at the Winthrop School, on winning Curiosity Challenge Awards! All the students in Ms. Ogiba’s second grade and Ms. Dulong’s third grade at the Winthrop took part in the 11th Annual Cambridge Science Curiosity Challenge, which is run by MIT, Harvard University, the Museum of Science, and the City of Cambridge. 3,400 students aged 5 to 14, wrote essays or drew pictures describing things they were curious about. Only 120 winners were selected, and two were from Melrose: Emma St. Arnaud, who is in second grade, wondered how a pencil is made, third-grader Emma Drago asked how self-driving cars work. Both students went to a special ceremony at MIT to receive their awards, and they also got a copy of a book that contained all the contestants’ work. Great job!

Congratulations to all our curious students, and to the teachers who encourage them to ask good questions!

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