MHS Coach Tim Morris is the MIAA Coach of the Year

Congratulations to Melrose High School Football Coach Tim Morris on being honored as the recipient of the 2017 MIAA Football Coach of the Year Award. This is a statewide award and speaks to Coach Morris’s 33 years of coaching at Melrose High School.

Coach Morris was born and raised in Melrose and is himself a 1978 graduate Melrose High School grad. Here’s what he told the Melrose Free Press:

“I think we have an outstanding football tradition at Melrose High School, and that this award from the MIAA is as much a celebration of that and way we do things,” Morris says of the honor. “The players, the staff, the community, the administrators – top to bottom; winning is just a byproduct of doing things the right way.”

Morris cites his players and the aforementioned support staff as key reasons the Melrose football program has remained successful over the years, and why he is being recognized.

“We have great kids at Melrose High that work hard and accept direction,” says the coach. “We coach ’em hard and they know we care about them. Nobody could coach as long as I have without outstanding assistant coaches; I’ve been fortunate to have excellent coaches around me for my entire career.

Congratulations to Coach Morris for this statewide recognition!


One thought on “MHS Coach Tim Morris is the MIAA Coach of the Year

  1. Congratulations, Coach Tim Morris on this well deserved recognition. True to form, you have deflected the credit to others. However, it is clear that your commitment to making a valuable contribution to the formation of young men in the city through the Melrose High School Football program is at the very heart of its success. Your unique way with young people can be observed in every game you coach. You have given so many young men the formative experience of developing their athleticism. In the process you have taught them the important values and lessons of becoming contributing people of integrity.
    Your family is very proud of you and with good reason. Best Wishes.
    Rev. James F. Morris, Jr.

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