Ride Your Bicycle to Boston on May 19!

The Melrose Pedestrian Bicycle Committee will be coordinating a coordinating a bicycle commuter convoy from Melrose to Boston on the morning of Friday, May 19th. These rides are well suited for all levels of experience, including anybody who has considered riding their bike to work in Boston in the morning but is concerned about the route or traffic and would like to try it as part of a group first.

This occasion will be part of Boston’s National Bike to Work Day Festival.

The group will leave at 7:00 am from the corner of Foster St and Main St in Melrose (by the YMCA), picking up more people at 7:15am at the intersection of Main St and the Northern Strand Trail in Malden, and more at 7:30 at the McDonald’s on Route 99 at Beacham St in Everett. They will arrive in City Hall Plaza, Boston at around 7:45, joining an end-of-ride festival.

To find out more, see the City of Boston Bike to Work Day page.


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