Melrose Student Honored as Young Conservationist of the Year

Congratulations to Hoover School fifth-grader Scarlett Timm, who was honored by Zoo New England recently as Young Conservationist of the Year. Timm is ten years old and has spent the past five years raising money for elephant preservation. As the Melrose Free Press reported,

“My mom read an article and told me that the elephants were getting killed and I said we need to do something about that,” Timm remembered.

Timm and her family began making string and bead bracelets complete with an elephant charm in a variety of designs, and selling them for $5 at the farmer’s market in Melrose. For four years, Timm raised about $100 annually – money she donated to a Wildlife Conservation Society campaign called 96 Elephants.

This past year she started selling hats, crocheted by her mother and grandmother, at the Melrose Farmers’ Market, and she raised almost $1,000 for her cause. Rep. Paul Brodeur nominated Timm for the award after seeing her selling the hats at the Farmers Market.

Congratulations to Scarlett for her activism and kudos to her family for their support.


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