Three New Firefighters Sworn In

Last week I officially welcomed three new firefighters to the City of Melrose with a swearing-in ceremony. Here’s a look at our three newest firefighters:

Brent Dobbins was raised in Charlestown and obtained his paramedic certification from the Northeastern University School of emergency medical services. He has been a paramedic and CPR instructor for over 10 years. Brent began his EMS career at Armstrong Ambulance Service in Arlington. 

William Holm was born in Boston, graduated Westford Academy high school, and attended the University of Maine, Orono. Bill graduated with a BS in Accounting in 2001. He was a call firefighter for the Littleton Fire Department before becoming a paramedic with Cataldo Ambulance. William graduated first in his class in the Fire Academy.

Alessandro Colarusso was born and raised in Malden. He graduated from Pope John XXIII High School in 2002 and obtained his EMT certification from Northeastern University while working full time as a Pharmacy Technician. Allesandro began his career in EMS in 2008 as an EMT at Armstrong Ambulance and later at Cataldo Ambulance. He attended and graduated EMTS Inc. in 2016, obtained his Paramedic certification, and worked for Cataldo as a paramedic. Alessandro is a first generation firefighter.


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