New Driver Safety Campaign to Accompany Speed Limit Change

You may have noticed new street signs at the various entry points into the City and major roads declaring Melrose Cares, Drive for Safety. These new street signs are being installed as part of a broad campaign to make Melrose safer to drive, walk, and bike in. The first major step in that campaign was the citywide speed limit change to 25 m.p.h. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for yard signs and other informational materials in the mail about this campaign.

The Melrose Cares campaign is a collaborative effort between the City and the Melrose Pedestrian and Cyclist Advisory Committee and will be the first step in continuing the dialogue of increasing driver awareness and safety in Melrose.

Gabrielle Watson, Chairwoman of the Bike and Pedestrian Committee said, “Reducing speed limits citywide to 25 m.p.h. was an important first step towards making Melrose the walkable, bikable city we all want. We’re glad to join the City of Melrose and Mayor Dolan in helping to raise awareness with these new signs as part of the Melrose Cares campaign.”

Distracted driving on local streets is not just a Melrose issue, but we can take steps locally to help ensure the safety of our neighbors, whether they are driving, walking, or biking. Our commitment to this campaign includes better traffic enforcement, more driver education, improved road infrastructure and design, and a commitment to the Complete Streets philosophy of road accessibility by people of all modes, ages and abilities.

Thank you to the members of the Bike and Pedestrian Committee for designing these new signs and for their advocacy. I look forward to further collaboration on this campaign as the City pursues Complete Streets and other outside funding opportunities to redesign our roads to be safer and more accessible to all.


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