Melrose Receives $19,000 Grant to Plan Adaptation to Climate Change

Melrose has received a $19,000 Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant that will help the city to predict the impacts of climate change in the region and start planning on how to adapt. The grant will fund training for city staff, as well as planning efforts relating to possible risks such as health issues due to rising temperatures, damage to buildings and other infrastructure due to flooding, and environmental hazards due to more frequent and more severe storms.

“We don’t have the luxury of arguing about climate change,” said Mayor Robert J. Dolan. “The fact is that it is real, its impacts are already being felt around the world, and it will affect Melrose. We must plan carefully to reduce its impact on our people and our infrastructure. We will do this in the context of our overall Hazard Mitigation Plan, which we will be updating at the same time.”

The grant is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs in accordance with an executive order from Governor Charlie Baker, who instructed EEA last September to help cities and towns plan for the effects of climate change.


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