New St. Mary’s Lease Agreement Will Add 19 Parking Spaces to Downtown Area

Available parking in the downtown Melrose business district will increase by 19 spaces thanks to a new lease agreement that has been negotiated between the City of Melrose and the Archdiocese of Boston and is currently before the Board of Aldermen for approval.

The agreement secures the existing parking in the Larrabee Lot (behind Hugo’s and the VFW) and adds the 19 spaces in the adjacent lot, which opens onto Myrtle Street. Previously, these parking spaces had been used by St. Mary’s staff, but now they will be available to be used by the public at all times, including during the work day.

“I feel this is a very beneficial agreement for both parties,” said Mayor Robert J. Dolan. “Parking is in high demand in the downtown area, and adding more spaces will help reduce pressure on the downtown lots and benefit our local merchants. This location is especially beneficial to evening diners, as the spaces freed up are close to a number of restaurants.”


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