School Construction Projects Get Under Way!

Foundation for the new modular classrooms at the Hoover School

Last week we began work on three vital school construction projects: New modular classrooms at the Hoover and Winthrop schools and a partial renovation of the Horace Mann.

At the Horace Mann, we are renovating two classrooms, reconfiguring the administration suite, and updating the school library. We are also constructing the school’s first-ever dedicated music and arts classroom and re-establishing the main entry at the front of the building. The new entry will be handicap accessible and, to increase security, we are outfitting the entryway with locked double doors and a buzzer. These improvements to the school will enhance the educational experience of all Horace Mann students.

To accommodate higher levels of student enrollment, we are installing brand-new modular classrooms at both the Winthrop and the Hoover schools. These classrooms will have state-of-the-art technology that will provide our students with an up-to-date learning environment.

Work is under way on the foundation for the Winthrop School.
A kindergarten classroom being prepped for renovation at the Horace Mann.

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