A New Badge for Sergeant Goodhue

Last week we had a very special and moving moment in City Hall, when Police Chief Michael Lyle presented a new badge to retired police officer Tami Goodhue. This was an official recognition of not only a new name but also a new stage of life for Sergeant Goodhue, who served on the force for 24 years under the name James.

Tami came to us about a month ago and asked for a new badge, and it seemed appropriate to recognize this moment. Many Melrose residents, myself included, remember her as a police officer, but what we never saw was the struggle she was going through privately—and the courage it took for her to come out as transgender. When we presented her with her new badge she spoke movingly of that experience, and of the members of the community who reached out to her, helped her, or simply accepted her for who she truly is.

I am happy that we were able to provide an opportunity for Tami to join with her family, friends, and colleagues to mark this new chapter in her life and recognize her many years of service to the City of Melrose.


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