Mark Your Calendar: Four Corners Concert on July 29!

The Four Corners Concert is coming on July 29! Here’s the lineup:

Main Stage

Squidhead is a local Melrosian group with an old-school punk sound and a progressive rock twist. Influenced by Pink Floyd, the Ramones, Metallica, and Green Day, the band consists of Cole Feely on lead guitar, Jack Tracey vocals and rhythm guitar, Colby Orton on bass and Stephen Flanagan on the drums.

Pulse Reunion
Pulse is a Boston based group formed more than 10 years ago composed of 4 friends and seasoned musicians passionate about Rock. After a good run in the Boston club circuit all members moved on to different projects. The band is getting back together for this one night, one night only performance to rock out Melrose! They’ll be playing classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today!

Free Range Chickens
Debut performance of the Free Range Chickens. All four band members hail from local Melrose chicken coops. A pure dad band hatched by the desire to get together and jam with our kids and have fun. All applauding encouraged!

Shakey Jake and the Blue Vibrations
Shakey Jake and The Blue Vibrations plays groovy Blues for your dancing pleasure. Shake your booty and stomp your feet. Have a ball y’all!

Community Stage

Music 101 Featured Artists
Music 101 is a private music school located on Upham St. in Melrose, specializing in instruction for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, and Violin. They will be featuring some of their top young students for this year’s Four Corners festival.

Molly Corr & Diego Winsor

Molly Corr is a sophomore at Melrose High School, and this will be her fifth year playing the double bass. She performs with the Melrose Symphony Orchestra, Melrose High School Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Marching Band, Melrose Youth Orchestra, Melrose Drama Pit Orchestra, and the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Northeastern Junior Districts.

Diego Winsor is an eighth grader at the Galvin Middle School in Wakefield and he is entering his fourth year of playing the double bass. He plays with the Galvin orchestra, chamber orchestra, and jazz band, along with the Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestra.

Lucia Gagliano
Lucia Gagliano, who will be a freshman at Melrose High School this year, has been studying piano with Jingjing Zhou since 2010 (with one year off to give cello a try). Lucia’s performance will include Beethoven’s Sonata in F Minor, 1. Alllegro, Eugenie Rocherolle’s Alegrias, and her arrangements of songs from her favorite TV shows, including a medley of the Orphan Black and Stranger Thingsthemes.

Shilei (Lisa) Li
Another student of Melrose based Jingjing Zhou, from Reading Memorial High School, Shilei (Lisa) Li will perform on piano “Grande Valse Brillante, Opus 18” by Chopin.

Sammy & Ray
From the Lincoln School, Raymond Kochanski, drums, and Sammy McQuaid, guitar/vocals, will perform a cover of “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

Gabe Klapman
From the Winthrop school, Gabe Klapman will be playing a couple tunes on the violin from his Irish and Italian heritage… “Shipping up to Boston”, and his new favorite “Funiculi Funnicula” which he learned for a recent trip to Italy!

Sam Chetkin
Sam Chetkin currently goes to MVMMS and has taken guitar for 7 years and vocal lessons for 3 years. He has performed musicals with Melrose Drama and looks forward to performing the title role in the upcoming WYRT production of Shrek in early August. He will be playing a 4-5 song set.

Bourbon Chasers
Country and Rock group, Bourbon Chasers, turn an acoustic trio into a fiery shot of energy and fun. Lead by singer/guitarist, Cam Robbins, they pick from popular country hits, modern and classic, and mix in a lively bunch of familiar rock tunes. Their original music speaks of the same vibe and blends in perfectly with their upbeat sets. With Pete “Gunshot” LaGrange on box and Tim Ko. on lead telecaster, the trio often pull in guest musicians, namely Ethan B. Miller on harp and Katie Delvaux on fiddle.


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