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Melrose Schools Partner with Texas School to Aid in Hurricane Recovery

From the Melrose Schools website:

Melrose High School and Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School are partnering with Mayde Creek High School in Katy, Texas, to help out after devaststing flooding.

In recent days, we have all become aware of the tragic events in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. We often see people rise up and help each other in times like these. While most of us cannot go to Texas and help, we can help in other ways. Through a Melrose family connection, Melrose High School and MVMMS have partnered with Mayde Creek High School in Katy, TX. Katy Texas has suffered devastating flooding, with many families losing everything they have, and the High School has also suffered massive flooding.

The Staff at Mayde Creek High School created an account where people can purchase supplies that are in immediate need for the families of the school. The items are then directly shipped to a location where the staff can distribute to the families. I have also included a link to the high school website where you can read a note from the Principal.
Mayde High School web page:
Direct Amazon link:


First New Residents Move in at Melrose Station

I had the privilege of greeting the first residents to move into The Residence at Melrose Station this week. This is a beautiful addition to our City and a wonderful opportunity for Melrosians to stay in the community, close to friends and family, as their needs and lifestyles change.

The view from The Residence at Melrose Station

Ready for School!

The expanded Hoover and Winthrop schools and the newly remodeled Horace Mann will be ready for the first day of school tomorrow. I want to thank all the contractors who worked on this construction project, as well as City Planner Denise Gaffey, Director of Public Works John Scenna, Superintendent of Schools Cyndy Taymore, and the City Hall staff who will continue to work on the projects as they wrap up over the coming weeks. My thanks also to the educators who work in these schools, who are setting up their classrooms at the last minute because of the construction. This has been a busy summer!

We believe the improvements we have made to the schools go beyond creating more space and make these campuses a better learning environment for educators and students alike. Once school is open and everyone is settled in, we will hold an open house (at a date to be determined later) so all the members of the community can see these new and newly renovated spaces.

In the meantime, here’s a look at how the schools look this week:

Horace Mann

New Music and Art Room


New accessible entrance and bike racks

Kindergarten 1 classroom

New student bathroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom


New staff parking

Kindergarten 1 classroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom



Modular addition


Kindergarten 1 classroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom

Kindergarten 3 classroom

Extending a Helping Hand to Houston

This morning, our thoughts are with the people of Texas, who are experiencing devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

On a much, much smaller scale, Melrose has also had experiences with flooding: Many of you will remember the Mother’s Day floods of 2006, when we evacuated almost 1,000 houses. Although the scope is not comparable, we understand the feeling of loss that we see when we look at photos of the flooding in Texas.

We also understand how much it means when someone offers a helping hand: During our flood, a Tennessee church associated with the Melrose Church of Christ sent a truckload of cleaning supplies, food, blankets, and toiletries to help the people of Melrose. It was very touching to know that someone so far away thought of Melrosians in need.

Right now, our fellow Americans need our help. We can’t tell you who to donate to, but here is a list of organizations that are helping out in Texas right now, along with some advice on how to avoid scams and make sure your donation really does go to help others.

Waste Management Supports Community Events

I want to thank Waste Management, Inc., for making two incredibly generous donations towards two upcoming events in the City of Melrose. Jim Nocella, Area Director, Public Sector Solutions for Waste Management, came by last week to deliver a check for $5,000 to support the The Melrose Symphony Orchestra’s 100th Anniversary Concert. Waste Management will be the primary sponsor for the fireworks show, which will be spectacular. Jim also brought a $3,000 check for the Melrose High School Homecoming Weekend.

Waste Management has had a long relationship with the City of Melrose, and their support will greatly enhance these wonderful events.

The MSO concert will be held on Saturday, September 9, at 7 p.m. (gates open at 5:30) at Fred Green Field next to Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School. The concert is free and open to the public—bring a picnic basket and a blanket!

Homecoming Weekend will be October 6-8, Columbus Day weekend, and will kick off with the Melrose-Stoneham game at Fred Green Field on October 6. Many other activities are being planned, including a 5K race. Stay tuned for more details!

Generous Melrosians Donate School Supplies

This year’s School Supplies Drive, sponsored by Chris Cinella of Edward Jones Investments, was the best one ever! If you have been past Chris’s office, at 502 Main Street, you already know this: Generous Melrosians, donated over 70 backpacks and hundreds of notebooks, boxes of crayons, packages of pens, glue sticks, rulers, and other necessities to help ensure that all our Melrose students have a great first day of school. Thank you to all who donated, and thank you Chris for sponsoring this wonderful school supplies drive every year.

School Construction Update

We are racing to the finish line to complete projects at the Horace Mann, Winthrop, and Hoover schools! Lots of great new classrooms and site work that will benefit all students. Here is another update on some of the work in progress. I am partiuclarly happy that the modules’ exteriors blend nicely with the existing schools, and the interiors of these new buildings are extraordinary. As you know, there are only two days of school next week, but after Labor Day we will have open houses to allow all citizens to see these new additions and renovations at all three schools.

Horace Mann

New handicap-accessible entrance

Administrative Offices, with increased security

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom

New Library

Music and Art Classroom


New Dropoff Area

Expanded playground area

New Modular Classrooms – Exterior

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom


Additional Parking Area

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom. Each Kindergarten class has its own bathroom/sink area.

Each classroom has additional storage

Kindergarten 3 Classroom. Working so hard to get to the finish line!

New Modular Classrooms – Exterior

Fund-Raiser for a Great Cause on August 24

Ryan Feeney of Melrose is a great kid who is dealing with a tough disease: Neurofibromatosis. The Feeney Family is having a fund-raiser to help find a cure on this Thursday, August 24, at the Knights of Columbus. Details are below.

Ryan is a student in Melrose who participates in countless community activities. He is a brave young man and a real inspiration to us all. It is an incredibly worthy cause, and all donations are much appreciated.

Mayor’s Podcast #1: Melrose Symphony Orchestra Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Welcome to the Mayor’s podcast! We’re starting off with a conversation about the Melrose Symphony Orchestra’s 100th Anniversary.

Working Together to Make Melrose Stronger

Over the last two years, since 2015, a group of municipal leaders have been meeting with the Lieutenant Governor, helping create new initiatives and strengthen and streamline existing programs, in order to help communities, taxpayers, and businesses. I would like to thank Lieutenant Governor Polito as well as Governor Baker for not only developing these improvements but also implementing them very successfully. Melrose has benefited particularly from four of them:

  • Green Communities: In recent years you have seen the initiatives taken on by the city for energy efficiency, thanks to Energy Manager Martha Grover. The funding as well as the operational support for many of these initiatives comes from the Green Communities Grant.
  • Complete Streets: We have formed a local committee to begin the process of identifying streets and neighborhoods that would benefit from better pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and streetscape improvements. The committee will identify projects to submit to the complete streets program for state funding.
  • MassWorks: The MassWorks program was created to rebuild or enhance infrastructure to support small businesses and increase residential housing in business nodes near public transportation. Melrose has done very well in getting funding from this particular program, with the most recent examples being the Highlands and Essex Street improvement projects. We are already seeing new small businesses as well as private investment in these areas as a result of this program.
  • Community Compact: The Community Compact was a way for communities to learn from one another and develop best practices and for the state to support those best practices with grants and expertise. Over 294 communities have identified best practices as well as areas where they need assistance. Melrose has just received a grant from the Commonwealth for $20,000 for cybersecurity upgrades.

The Commonwealth can partner in big ways and small ways to assist communities. These are four examples of how by working together we can improve our community and our region. I have had the pleasure of working with many administrations in a very positive way, and I appreciate the Baker-Polito administration reaching out to communities. I look forward to continue to work with them in the future, as I have worked with other administrations in the past.

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