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Useful Numbers for Snow-Related Problems

Please note: The earlier version of this post included an incorrect phone number.

Due to the heavy snow, we are getting reports of downed tree limbs and power lines.

  • Please report any downed wires to the Melrose Fire Department at 781-665-1313.
  • Please report power outages to National Grid’s main operations office at 800-322-3223.
  • Please report any downed tree limbs to Public Works at 781-665-0142.

For all other snow-related problems or questions, call the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142.

Snow Update

The storm should be coming to an end later on this afternoon, towards the evening commute.

  • We expect 6 to 8 inches in total.
  • It’s a very heavy snow, so please be careful when shoveling.
  • There is no parking ban, due to the timing of the storm and our desire to keep all businesses open.
  • The roads are very slippery. Please use caution when driving and leave yourself plenty of time to get wherever you want to go, because it is going to take some time to clean up this storm.
  • All private and public plows are activated and will be working now and into the night until the storm is cleaned up. We appreciate your patience.
  • Trash was picked up on the usual schedule today.
  • All evening school events are canceled.

If you have any concerns regarding snow removal, please contact the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142. It will be open until late this evening.

Fund-Raiser for Melrose Grad Night at Yen & Crew

Want to spiff up before Valentines Day? Need the perfect on point mani/pedi? Desperately dry skin seeking a moisturizing facial? From 2/6-2/13, Yen & Crew on Main Street is generously donating 30% of all services to Melrose Grad Night. Book today and be sure to mention Melrose Grad Night!

Local Business Spotlight: Melrose First Credit Union


Melrose School and Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union is now “MELROSE FIRST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION”

Founded in February 1962, Melrose First Federal Credit Union was originally chartered to operate as a not-for-profit financial cooperative serving all City of Melrose employees and their family members. As of January 1, 2016, the opportunity to join Melrose First has expanded to select employee groups within a 25 mile radius of the credit union, along with members of their immediate family and household.

The name “Melrose First” recognizes the Credit Union’s rich history of service in the City of Melrose and reflects its commitment to put members’ interests first. Offering consistent value, dedication and support for the past 54 years, Melrose First Federal Credit Union continues to operate as a not-for-profit cooperative and now welcomes new select employee groups into its membership. To experience the benefits of a true financial cooperative, let Melrose First be the “FIRST” financial institution to service all your financial needs.

Melrose First Federal Credit Union: “People Helping People” – Not For Profit, But For Service!
616 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176 Visit or call 781-662-7276 for more information.

Message from the Superintendent: No School Today

The following message was sent out by the Superintendent of Schools this morning:

While we recognize there is no snow yet, due the anticipated intensity of the snow and concerns about dismissal all schools will be closed today in Melrose, Friday, February 5th, including all afterschool programs and activities.

The Milano Senior Center and the Melrose Public Library will also be closed today.

For any snow-related questions or problems, call the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142.

Snow Is on the Way!

Today may have felt like spring, but please be aware that we expect winter to make a quick return overnight. Snow has been forecast to start tonight as cold air sets in and is expected to be steady during the morning commute. Forecasts are now predicting the possibility of at least two to four inches of snow for Friday morning. Please drive safely and allow extra time to get to work and school.

Public Works is prepared and will be staffed throughout the storm. If you have snow-related questions or problems, call the City Yard Operations Center at 781-665-0142.

Melrose on the Move: Putting Forward Bold Water and Sewer Initiatives

As I promised in my inaugural address, I appeared before the Water and Sewer Committee this morning and asked them to take action on several items. As you know our ability to dictate water and sewer rates is limited due to our assessments from the MWRA. I believe these four initiatives are a significant step forward and provide legitimate answers to some of the issues facing this community.

  1. Have the DPW director report on a periodic basis regarding the progress on water meter replacement, which we expect will be completed by July 1, and report what benefits this new metering system brings in terms of identifying leakage, monitoring consumption per house as well as city wide, and reducing the number of estimated bills.
  2. Have the Commission look at a monthly billing opt-in for citizens, so they can choose to pay their bills quarterly or monthly. It is my understanding that in the state of Rhode Island, monthly billing is the norm, and several communities in Massachusetts are going in that direction. We want to ensure that this is done correctly and I want to encourage the Committee to start with large user accounts before bringing it out citywide. This gives families the option to manage their bills more efficiently.
  3. We have a generous discount for qualifying seniors. However, a small portion of senior property owners live in condominiums that are not individually metered. It is very difficult to identify consumption and apply the discount when you don’t know how much water is used. At the same time, we want to avoid giving discounts to people who do not qualify. As you know the rhetoric around this issue has been extraordinary but no solution has been offered to date. I would like the Committee to explore the possibility of offering a rebate to qualifying seniors who live in condos, money that they could then use toward association fees.
  4. I encourage the Director of Public Works and the City Engineer to come before this Committee with a comprehensive, multi-year program to be recommended by this Committee and sent for passage to the Board of Aldermen for July 1, 2016, that addresses inflow and infiltration as aggressively as we have addressed other flooding and water issues and challenges in this community.

It is my hope that these initiatives will be considered and voted on by the Water and Sewer Committee and sent to the Board of Aldermen for passage.

Melrose on the Move: Establishing a Commission on Women

This is the second of a series of blog posts about the initiatives I announced in my Inaugural Address.

Alderman Jennifer Lemmerman

Alderman Jennifer Lemmerman

In my inaugural, address, I pledged to support the creation of the Melrose Commission on Women, first proposed by Alderman Jennifer Lemmerman, to provide a unified voice to “promote issues in the community, such as family policies, equal pay, and women’s health, and recognize the accomplishments of Melrose women past and present.”

The Board of Aldermen will hold a public hearing on the order establishing this commission at 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16.

I asked Alderman Lemmerman to tell me a bit about what inspired her to initiate this order, and here’s what she said:

Through my work and personal relationships, I have known several people who were members of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women as well as commissions in other cities. They have done some really great work in their communities, particularly around working with young women and girls in school and preserving the history of women in their communities.

Mary Livermore

Mary Livermore

I have always been aware that we have had that kind of history in Melrose, which was home to the pioneering suffragist Mary Livermore in the 19th century and her granddaughter, Mary Livermore Barrows, the first woman member of the Board of Aldermen, in the 20th. That was what first planted the seed for me: We don’t have the infrastructure in place to raise awareness of the history of strong women in the community and the important contributions that women are making in our community. Right now our city engineer is a woman, and we have a female firefighter; women have put themselves into these prominent roles in previously male dominated careers, and I want to know how they got there and what that experience was like for them. I would like to see them go to the middle school and talk to girls who are thinking about what they want to be, and maybe feeling they are not sure there is a place for them in these types of careers, while there are women doing it right here in our community.

The flip side is that I hear about a lot of the challenges women face simply because they are women. From a personal perspective, my peer group and my friends are dealing with things like putting off having families because they don’t know if they can afford to take time off to take care a child, or if doing so would put them behind in their career. We see the upper levels of our organizations are dominated by men, and women are still making less money than men at the same level. While a commission like this won’t have the power to change policy, they will be strong advocates for change, taking those stories that women have to tell and bringing them to the people who can change those policies.

I want the commission to be a broad group that represents as many experiences, as many stories and voices that represent the changing face of Melrose, as possible. We need to have people from various professions, from various backgrounds in terms of newcomers, people who have been here for generations, diversity in race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and religion, so we can really represent the whole community.

Cultural Exchange

Turkish Cultural Center

Today I met with Enes Ulukaya, Burhan Kaya, and Bilal Arigun of the Turkish Cultural Center in Revere and Boston. Melrose has a growing Turkish population, and it was interesting to talk to these gentlemen about their experiences and the cultural ties between many Massachusetts cities and Turkey. I encourage you to check out their website, which has a lot of information about the cultural activities they offer.

YMCA Child Care Center to Unveil Science Lab on February 5



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