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Eat at Petrone’s on Wednesday, Support the MHS Orchestra

Approved Petrones Flyer 2015

Melrose Receives Substance Abuse Prevention Grant

The City of Melrose is pleased to announce it has been awarded a regional substance abuse prevention grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This $100,000 grant will provide funding for coordinated efforts to reduce underage drinking and other illegal drug use among the youth of Melrose, Malden, Medford, Stoneham, Wakefield and Winchester. The funding is available for up to seven years.

Each of these communities has made different efforts to combat these issues over the years. This grant will allow the communities to share resources and best practices, work toward consistent policies and laws, and use efficiencies of scale to provide messaging and services. This initiative will emphasize consistent, data-driven planning focused on implementing effective and sustainable strategies and interventions. The more experienced communities will have the opportunity to mentor other communities to enable all to have comprehensive, active community coalitions who can work together for our youth.

The Massachusetts Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative is funded by the Substance and Mental Health Administration through the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This grant seeks to increase both the number and capacity of municipalities across the Commonwealth addressing these substance abuse issues.

An Update on Mel and Rose

We have gotten many phone calls, visits, and e-mails about Mel and Rose, the swans on Ell Pond, so I wanted to give you an update. Our Animal Control Officer, Coral Hope, has been checking on them regularly, as has the MSPCA, and they are doing fine.

While we share your concern about the trash near their nest, and we do our best to keep the Ell Pond area clean, this is not the time for a cleanup. Some of the items were brought by the swans themselves as they built the nest, and the experts tell us it’s best to leave it for now. If their area is disturbed by humans and our scent, the swans may abandon the nest.

I would also ask you to please not feed the swans. Human food isn’t good for them, and it may attract other animals. It also may cause the swans to leave the nest, in order to get to the food, and leave their eggs unattended.

While it’s fine to watch from a distance, please give Mel and Rose plenty of space.

Update: While Mel and Rose are healthy, it has come to our attention that their eggs are no longer visible in the nest. Our Animal Control Officer, Coral Hope, told us that she observed the nest for some time today and the swans, while in the area, were not watching over it, which means the eggs are probably gone. I asked her to explain this a bit:

Do you think vandals did it?

No. I found a bird carcass (not a swan) nearby, so I suspect there could be a predator, like a raccoon or a fisher cat, in the area. It could even be a turtle. Mute swans tend to lose their eggs to predators very easily. It’s also possible that the eggs were not fertile to begin with, and in that case they would abandon them.

Have they left the nest?

Although the nest is still there, and the swans are still around the pond, if there are no eggs there is no reason to sit on the nest. There is still time for Rose to lay more eggs—sometimes they do lay a second set of eggs.

Would they move to a different location?

It’s hard to say. They did come back after losing their eggs last year because of the storm, but if there is a predator in the area they might pick a different place on the pond.

Usually they come back to the same spot—the female usually picks it, and they usually come back to the area where the female was born. They will return to the same area if they have a successful brood. That’s probably why they are coming back to this nesting area, but to keep them coming back, we have to keep a respectful distance. We can’t prevent nature from taking its course, but we can prevent humans from interfering.

Korean War Memorial to Be Dedicated Sunday

Korean War Monument

The six men from Melrose who perished during the Korean War will be honored permanently on Sunday as the City of Melrose dedicates a beautiful black granite monument featuring their names and likenesses.

The monument will serve as a place for remembrance and reflection for all who served and sacrificed in the war known commonly as “The Forgotten War.”

The dedication will feature guest speaker and Korean War veteran Joe Sullivan, the Moulaison family, students from Operation Remember, traditional military honors, and music honoring Memorial Day.

Monument Symbolism

A good veteran’s monument will remember and it will educate. This monument does both by including the names and pictures of the fallen and paying tribute to the more than 1,000 Melrosians who served during the Korean War era.

The 54 paving stones found in front of the monument represent the 54,000 U.S. service members killed during the Korean War conflict. The layout of the paving stones and the juniper plants found between them pay homage to the National Korean War Memorial in Washington DC.

The six plantings behind the monument represent the six Melrosians who were killed in action.

The nine bushes planted around the monument represent the nine men from Melrose who perished during the conflict at home and abroad.

The benches represent not only the years of the Korean War but also a response to comments at the spring Veterans’ Town Hall meeting that this monument should have a place for reflection.

The “Freedom Is Not Free” expression found at the bottom of the stone also comes directly from the National Korean War Monument, a place where students and veterans from Operation Remember placed a wreath of remembrance on behalf of the City of Melrose.

This dedication is truly a community effort.

  • Operation Remember, a group of Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students, researched, raised funds, and will help dedicate the memorial. Residents assisted in this effort by supporting the Melrose Veterans Open, the Chili Chowder Fest, several Liberty Bell Fundraisers, the annual MVMMS raffle calendar, and various private donations from veterans and supporters around the city
  • The Melrose Veterans Advisory Board and the Melrose Veterans Memory Project volunteered time, money and love to ensure the accuracy of the information on the stone, the picture quality, and the meaning behind the memorial
  • John Gately, who has personal connections to Korean War veterans, donated the inscription and engraving costs
  • The Melrose DPW worked tirelessly to put the elements of the memorial in place and enhance and beautify the area surrounding the monument
  • The City of Melrose raised the additional funds necessary to complete the project
  • Rock of Ages completed the monument work
  • John Gregorio, a local contractor, found and donated the pavers that lead up to the monument

And countless more! A tremendous effort with a beautiful result.

Melrose Hosts Sean Collier Memorial Basketball Tournament

Sean Collier Tournament

Melrose hosted the 2015 Boston Strong First Responder Basketball Tournament, a two-day basketball tournament to benefit the Sean Collier Memorial Fund through The Jimmy Fund, at Melrose High School this past weekend. We were very proud to host this tournament, and I hope that this will continue throughout the years.

The State Police were the winning team, and congratulations to the Melrose Police Department, who made a very strong showing. We are very proud of their participation.

Wellness Clinic to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Charity on May 24

Lucy's Love Bus Wellness Clinic ver 4

Full Schedule of Events for Memorial Day Weekend

Flags - 1

This year’s Memorial Day parade honors our Korean War veterans, and the flags around the Main Street Honor Roll are there to mark the memory of those who served in the Korean War.

Here is the schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

Decoration of Veteran Graves and Flag Retirement Ceremony
Wyoming Cemetery
Saturday, May 23, 10 a.m.

Memorial Day Breakfast
Memorial Hall
Sunday, May 24, 10 a.m.

Korean War Monument Dedication
The Knoll, 350 Lynn Fells Parkway
Sunday, May 24, 11 a.m.

Memorial Day Parade
Main Street to Wyoming Cemetery
Sunday, May 24, 1:30 p.m.

Closing Ceremonies
Wyoming Cemetery
Sunday, May 24, 2:30 p.m.

Tennis Courts Clear of Snow and Debris!

Tennis Courts 1

The snow has melted and the cleanup of debris at the Lyons Tennis Courts will be complete today! Construction of the new courts is scheduled to begin the second week of June.

Here’s a look at the plan for the new courts (colors are not final):



Catch the MHS Pops Concert on May 22!

The Melrose High School Jazz and Concert Bands present their Spring POPS Concert at Memorial Hall on Friday, May 22, at 7:30 p.m. You and your family are cordially invited to attend. The Jazz Band will have several soloists with featured vocalist Alexis Csicsek. The featured soloist for Concert Band is graduating MHS senior Abraham Zimmerman.

“Pops” style means table seating, food, wait staff, and great music! This event is open to the public. Elementary and middle school students are FREE! General Admission is $5, table seats are $10. We hope you can join us for a wonderful evening of food, music, and community!

DCR to Hold Meeting on Fellsway Guardrail June 11

The Department of Conservation and Recreation will hold a public meeting on Thursday, June 11, from 6–7 p.m. at the Botume House Visitor Center, 4 Woodland Road, Stoneham, MA, regarding the installation of guardrails at Fellsway East and Ravine Road.

At this meeting, DCR will discuss plans to install a guardrail along approximately 80 feet of the Fellsway East northbound near Phillips Street and approximately 60 feet along the newly-configured section of Ravine Road eastbound. The meeting will include an opportunity for questions-and-answers.

If you have questions about the public meeting, please call 617-626-4974 or email

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to be added to an email list to receive DCR project-specific or general announcements, email or call 617-626-4973.

Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request by emailing Agatha Summons-McGuire at or by calling her at 617-626-1282. Please provide Ms. McGuire with a description of the accommodation you will need, including as much detail as you can, as well as information on how she can contact you if more information is needed. Please allow at least one week (7 days) advance notice to Ms. McGuire of a need for reasonable accommodations; last-minute requests will be accepted, but may be impossible to fill. To request materials in accessible formats (Braille, large print, electronic files, audio format), please also contact Ms. McGuire.


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