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Melrose Drama Presents ‘Miscast’ Cabaret on September 22

Come see the talented students of Melrose Drama in their first production of the season, the Melrose Drama Miscast Cabaret. The Cabaret is a fundraiser for the Melrose Drama Program in the Melrose Public Schools and will be performed on Friday September 22nd at 7PM at Melrose Performing Arts Center located at the Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, 350 Lynn Fells Parkway in Melrose. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door.

Unlike past Cabarets, this year’s performance has a fun and interesting twist! It is a “Miscast” cabaret, which means that actors will be can performing songs traditionally done by characters that they would never be cast as due to age, gender, voice type ethnicity or any other variations. The result can often be humorous, touching and a fun look at a road left unexplored! The cast will also perform previews of songs from the upcoming Melrose Drama Season! Come see the amazing students of Melrose Drama in this entertaining fundraising production!!

For more information on the Cabaret, please see the Melrose Drama Event page.


Ribbon-Cuttings Welcome Students and Staff Back to School

Art Teacher Lynnette Bruce cut the ribbon to celebrate the completion of the Horace Mann School renovation project while Mayor Dolan, Rep. Brodeur, Aldermen Medeiros, Mortimer & Lemmerman, Superintendent Taymore, Principal Mary-Ellen Cobbs, and students looked on. Photo by Frank Goodhue.

We welcomed students to the newly renovated Horace Mann School and the new kindergarten classrooms at the Hoover and Winthrop schools over the past two weeks. I want to thank everybody who was involved in this project, including our Planning Department, Department of Public Works, and our school staff, who worked so hard to ensure that the new areas would be ready for the first day of school. We have a lot to be proud of!

Ribbon-cutting at the Hoover School

Ribbon-cutting at the Winthrop School

VEX Robotics Team Looking for New Members

The VEX robotics program will be holding a recruitment event in the iRaiders robot lab at 6:30 on Thursday September 21st. The lab is located through the Melrose St. Marcoux Gym entrance of the High School. Students and parents in the 7th and 8th grade are welcome to come on down to learn about one of the strongest robotics programs in Melrose.

In years past this is the team that won the World Championships, and has won several state and New England championships at the middle school level. It is the perfect next step for students that were involved in the Lego League program or students that want to fuel their interest in STEM.

Meghan Cincotta and Chloe Melville both came through this program and ultimately went on lead the high school team as captains in both their Junior and Senior years. Both students are now enrolled in college engineering programs in the greater Boston area.

More information can be found at

Groups Are Forming Now for Destination Imagination

Melrose Destination Imagination is now forming teams in grades K-12 for the 2017-2018 tournament season!

What is DI? DI is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that inspires and equips students to become innovators and leaders. Each year, DI publishes seven new STEAM-based Challenges. Groups of 2-7 kids of similar age form a team, choose a Central Challenge, and work collaboratively over a period of a few months on solutions to that challenge. Teams also practice “Instant Challenges” to learn quick thinking and teamwork. Teams then present their technical and theatrical solutions at a regional DI tournament in March.
The hallmark of DI is “no interference.” Kids work completely independently on creative ideas and trial-and-error solutions to challenges. Parents do not assist with costumes, props, scripts, or ideas!

Melrose DI will host several free “Improv Nights” for kids and parents to try the program, ask questions, and potentially partner up with other parents and kids interested in forming a DI team for this season. Interested kids and parents are encouraged to attend as many Improv Nights as possible to get a full picture of the program.

September 20: try fun team-building games
October 3: try technical building challenges
October 18: fun improv games to learn team-building and theatrical skills
October 24: parent Q&A, tips for starting a team
6:15 – 7:00pm for grades K-2
7:00 – 8:15pm for grades 3 and up

Unitarian Universalist Church basement
70 W. Emerson Street, Melrose

For additional information, and to see previews of this year’s challenges, visit “Melrose Destination Imagination” on facebook or email us at

Set Aside Columbus Day Weekend for Melrose Homecoming!

Ready for School!

The expanded Hoover and Winthrop schools and the newly remodeled Horace Mann will be ready for the first day of school tomorrow. I want to thank all the contractors who worked on this construction project, as well as City Planner Denise Gaffey, Director of Public Works John Scenna, Superintendent of Schools Cyndy Taymore, and the City Hall staff who will continue to work on the projects as they wrap up over the coming weeks. My thanks also to the educators who work in these schools, who are setting up their classrooms at the last minute because of the construction. This has been a busy summer!

We believe the improvements we have made to the schools go beyond creating more space and make these campuses a better learning environment for educators and students alike. Once school is open and everyone is settled in, we will hold an open house (at a date to be determined later) so all the members of the community can see these new and newly renovated spaces.

In the meantime, here’s a look at how the schools look this week:

Horace Mann

New Music and Art Room


New accessible entrance and bike racks

Kindergarten 1 classroom

New student bathroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom


New staff parking

Kindergarten 1 classroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom



Modular addition


Kindergarten 1 classroom

Kindergarten 2 classroom

Kindergarten 3 classroom

Generous Melrosians Donate School Supplies

This year’s School Supplies Drive, sponsored by Chris Cinella of Edward Jones Investments, was the best one ever! If you have been past Chris’s office, at 502 Main Street, you already know this: Generous Melrosians, donated over 70 backpacks and hundreds of notebooks, boxes of crayons, packages of pens, glue sticks, rulers, and other necessities to help ensure that all our Melrose students have a great first day of school. Thank you to all who donated, and thank you Chris for sponsoring this wonderful school supplies drive every year.

School Construction Update

We are racing to the finish line to complete projects at the Horace Mann, Winthrop, and Hoover schools! Lots of great new classrooms and site work that will benefit all students. Here is another update on some of the work in progress. I am partiuclarly happy that the modules’ exteriors blend nicely with the existing schools, and the interiors of these new buildings are extraordinary. As you know, there are only two days of school next week, but after Labor Day we will have open houses to allow all citizens to see these new additions and renovations at all three schools.

Horace Mann

New handicap-accessible entrance

Administrative Offices, with increased security

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom

New Library

Music and Art Classroom


New Dropoff Area

Expanded playground area

New Modular Classrooms – Exterior

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom


Additional Parking Area

Kindergarten 1 Classroom

Kindergarten 2 Classroom. Each Kindergarten class has its own bathroom/sink area.

Each classroom has additional storage

Kindergarten 3 Classroom. Working so hard to get to the finish line!

New Modular Classrooms – Exterior

Welcome Class of 2030!

Last week we had our annual Kindergarten Welcome Party to welcome the Class of 2030 to the Melrose schools. Thanks to the Melrose High School athletic teams and Color Guard, who joined our younger students for the event. It was a great success! The traditional class picture is above—you can click to enlarge it—and you can get a larger version by e-mailing my assistant, Brigid Alverson, at

AP Scores Continue to Rise at Melrose High School

Good news from Melrose High School: The percentage of students who passed the Advanced Placement test increased this year for the fourth year in a row, with 82% of those taking the test earning a passing grade of 3 or higher. The number of students taking the test has also increased over the past four years. During the same time, the percentage of students in the state and overall who earned a passing grade stayed flat or declined.

To have scores go up while more students than ever before are taking the test is a double win. Congratulations to the students and staff of Melrose High School on this great achievement!

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