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Notice from City Clerk

Nomination papers for the November 3, 2015 City Election will be available in the Election Office on Friday, May 1, 2015.  Nomination papers may be obtained only by a candidate or a person presenting a signed authorization for a candidate. Prior to obtaining nomination papers, each candidate must file with the Election Office, a statement containing his/her name and address and the office for which he/she intends to run.  The last day to obtain nomination papers for Mayoral candidates is Friday, July 10th and the last day to obtain for all others will be Friday, September 11th. 
At this election, the following officials are to be chosen:
Mayor (4 year term)

Three (3) members of the School Committee (4 year term)
Four (4) Alderman-At-Large (2 year term)

One (1) Alderman from each of the seven wards (2 year term)

Candidates for Alderman-at-Large and School Committee will need 120 signatures and a Ward Alderman candidate will need 20 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot.
Please contact Linda-Lee Angiolillo at 781-979-4125 with any questions.

Remembering Irving Smolens, D-Day Veteran and Community Leader

Irving Smolens

Yesterday we lost Irving Smolens, Melrose’s oldest surviving D-Day veteran and a dedicated community leader.

Irving Smolens was a true American hero. After he and his fellow World War II veterans saved the world, they came back and built our community to where it is today. Even up to a few months ago, Irving was incredibly active, particularly with our youth, as a keynote speaker at Veterans and Memorial Day assemblies, speaking to thousands of middle schoolers, as well as taking part in the Veterans in the Classroom initiative. Although he talked about the past and his experiences, he also talked about the future and making sure our children had more opportunities than he had. Along with his wife Edith, a Melrose educator, he was active in many community causes and a passionate civil rights advocate. He will be profoundly missed by all in the community.

Irving Smolens and General Odierno

“I have a great respect for Irving Smolens, not only for his history-book like service record, but for his tireless veteran advocacy. He served as a role model for those who believe that we should never forget the past and the incredible sacrifices made by so few. He is a veteran that this city will never forget.”

—Veterans Agent Ryan McLane

Melrose D-Day veteran Irving Smolens in May, 1945, outside Munich, Germany.

Melrose D-Day veteran Irving Smolens in May, 1945, outside Munich, Germany.

They may walk with a little less spring in their step, and their ranks are growing thinner, but let us never forget, when they were young, these men saved the world.

—President William Jefferson Clinton, speaking on the 50th Anniversary of D-Day ceremony in Colleville-sur-Mer, France, June 6, 1994.

Winter Festival Thursday – Park at the High School

I want to invite everyone to our Melrose Winter Festival this Thursday, February 19, from 12-2 p.m. at Mount Hood Golf Course. The event will include games, activities, prizes, face painting, train rides, snowshoeing, and a free community barbecue. All public parking for this year’s event will be in the Melrose High School Parking Lots. Shuttle bus service will transport all attendees to the event, starting at 11:45 a.m. and concluding at 2:15 p.m. No public parking is allowed at Mount Hood, on Slayton Road, or at Incarnation Church for this event. Families are permitted to drop off attendees at Mount Hood, but parking is not available. Please join us for this fun-filled winter day!

Library and Senior Center Will Be Closed Tomorrow

Due to the snow, the Melrose Public Library and the Milano Senior Center will both be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, February 3.

Wrapping Up This Storm

School dropoff went really well today, so we will do the same thing again tomorrow: Once again, the elementary schools will open for dropoff tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. and the high school and middle school will open at 6:45 a.m. to alleviate congestion at dropoff as we continue to work throughout the city. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Snow removal in the business districts will commence this evening at 7 p.m. and will continue throughout the night. Here are the areas we will focus on tonight:

  1. Franklin/Green Street at Main, beginning at 7 p.m.
  2. Hospital Square
  3. Downtown Main Street
  4. Wyoming Square
  5. Cedar Park and Franklin Street will be done during the course of the night or on Friday.

Please be aware that this may be noisy, parking may be restricted, and detours may be in place during this nighttime cleanup.

For any other issues going forward, please call DPW at 781-665-0142 as we finish our cleanup and move forward with preparation for the next snow event.

No School Tomorrow

The Melrose Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 28.

Joint Statement from Mayor Dolan and President Conn

Joint Statement of Mayor Robert J. Dolan and Aldermanic President Donald Conn, Jr.

We are aware of recent allegations that a licensed lottery agent doing business in the City of Melrose committed an act of fraud against a mentally disabled woman. These actions anger and disgust us as community leaders, and they should anger and disgust every resident of this community. There is no place in Melrose for a business that preys on our residents, particularly our most vulnerable citizens. The Massachusetts State Lottery—in conjunction with our local police department—will continue to investigate this matter. As that investigation proceeds, the City of Melrose will simultaneously explore its options to determine if this business can continue to operate. We take great pride in the integrity and professionalism of our local business community, and we will continue to work to uphold that stellar reputation.

Heavy Rains Lead to Flooding

Due to the tremendous amount of rain today, we have some isolated flooding. DPW is staffed at this time. Please contact the City Yard at 781-665-0142 with any concerns.

Red Raiders Week: Everyone’s a Team Player

Jesse Gauvain, Colby Andrews, Casey O'Donnell, and Mike Doucette

Jesse Gauvain, Colby Andrews, Casey O’Donnell, and Mike Doucette

For Melrose High School offensive guard and defensive tackle Jesse Gauvain, the path to the Super Bowl is simple: “We just worked hard in practice and did what our coaches told us to do, and we started to do better,” he said.

“We worked together as a team,” said center and defensive end Mike Doucette. “There wasn’t a big gap between the starters and the backup. Everybody is working together toward that same goal.”

That includes Casey O’Donnell, who pitches in in numerous ways, including handing out water at practices and games. “I wanted to help out with the team,” he said. He also enjoys the camaraderie with the players, both on the field and in school.

The team appreciates the support they get from their school and their community, said Doucette. “We know having games in Melrose is a big deal, and we love having our fans around—like how the Mayor and our school administrators want everybody to dress up in red and white and decorate their houses. It’s good to see that when we can be successful, everybody around can be a part of it and bring the whole community together.”

As for heading to the Super Bowl on Saturday, Gauvain said, “It will boost our self confidence for the rest of our lives. No one can take that away. We have worked so hard, and we have accomplished this, and it is going to help us throughout our lives, knowing we can be successful at whatever we put our minds to.”

Added wide receiver and punter Colby Andrews, “All the hard work and practice we do pays off in the end.”

Come to the International Welcome Reception this Thursday

MHRC reception flyer 102014


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